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Ten Great Kayak Trips on
Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Mother Nature's Playground

What’s the ideal way to explore the two pristine coastlines of the Virginia Eastern Shore?

From a kayak.

You’ll feel exactly like John Smith did in 1609 when he arrived in the New World and discovered a remarkable spit of land with the Chesapeake Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other. No boardwalks, beach rentals three deep or boardwalks here. One of the most undeveloped coastlines on the East Coast, its wild barrier islands are the only remaining on the Atlantic Ocean.

Bring your own kayak and/or hire an expert outfitter and guide to provide route, equipment, training, logistics, and cultural, historical, conservation and ecological insight. Trips can be tailored according to interests, skill level and physical prowess. Click here when you’re ready to book your kayak adventure.

Kayak Winery Tour
AKA Paddle Your Glass Off. Leave from a working waterfront on the Chesapeake Bay and paddle to award-winning Chatham Vineyards. Taste wine from grapes grown and bottled on a farm that is four centuries old then paddle back with a bottle of wine tucked away.
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Overnight on a Remote Chesapeake Bay Island
Head out on the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the U.S., to camp out on a remote island.  If you’d like more luxurious digs, kayak right up to a historic waterfront estate for the night or stay in a B&B in the charming harbor town of Onancock. Add to your adventure with an oyster roast, hang-glide or wine tasting.
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Wildlife & Ecology
The Eastern Shore’s undeveloped coastlines on two sides provide rich protected habitats to observe birds and wildlife. Kayak off-the-beaten-track Harborton Bay, Gargatha Landing, and Wachapreague to observe one of nature’s most complex and delicate ecosystems, the coastal wetlands. You’ll never look at the world the same once you spot the tiny, well-disguised eggs of the tiger beetle hiding in plain sight on the open sand.
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Chincoteague Pony Kayak Trip
Sure, you can see the famous Chincoteague ponies when they’re rounded up in the spring or fall, or for the big July swim, but if you know where to look, you can sneak up on them in a kayak. It’s a thrill, especially for fans of Marguerite Henry’s famous Misty of Chincoteague book or movie.
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Overnight at a Waterman’s Watch House
Adventure out to the Atlantic Ocean side of the Virginia Eastern Shore and overnight in a rustic waterman cottage on a deserted barrier island. You’ll feel alone on the planet as the sun goes down and you are blanketed with the night sky and the complete silence. Watermen once used these tiny huts to watch over their oyster beds.
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Kayak Rocket Launch
See the NASA Wallops Island rocket launches from a kayak. Wallops Island rockets were first launched from Virginia’s Eastern Shore in 1945 and today, they carry payloads to the International Space Station, and smaller rocket launches are routine. Major nighttime launches are spectacular and can be seen as far north as New York.
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Barrier Island Beach Trip
Depart from the tiny seaside fishing village of Wachapreague and head out through the salt marshes and wetlands to a barrier island. Bring a picnic and spend the day hunting for shells, playing in the Atlantic Ocean and lounging on a deserted beach.
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Virginia Seaside Water Trail
Kayak a 100-mile-long sea trail with 37 mapped routes that starts at the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge on the south end of the peninsula. Paddle along the Atlantic Coast all the way to Greenbackville on the Virginia/Maryland state line. You can do this as a self-guided tour using a map or hire a guide.
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Sunset (or Sunrise) From a Kayak
The compelling sunsets and sunrises of the Virginia Eastern Shore are magnificent no matter where you are but they’re especially compelling when you’re sitting quietly in a kayak.
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Kayak Clamming or Oyster Tour
Pull an oyster or a clam right from the water, shuck it and slurp it down. These delicious shellfish grow both in the wild, and with help from local aqua farmers on both the bay and ocean sides of the Virginia Eastern Shore. The region produces most of the clams raised on the East Coast, and the oysters, decimated in the 1980s, are making a strong comeback.
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