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Great Machipongo Clam Shack   --   Nassawadox
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Try the Shore's Great Crabcakes!

6468 Lankford Highway
Nassawadox, VA  23413

The Clam Shack is open 9 am to 9 pm daily

Eat in, Picnic outside or Drive-through

Fresh, local seafood dishes - select steaks, ribs, BBQ for landlubbers

Clams, crabs, oysters and shrimp -
served in a casual, welcoming setting

Large selection of local goods, cookbooks and wines
Home of the "Ship of Wine" - many $5 and $6 bottles

Large retail seafood selection and we pack to travel


Local musicians often play during the dinner hours

No cover charge



Come play, teach, learn, watch and enjoy a game of chess! 
Bring your own chess set or use one that's set up and available for play Refreshments served
It's your move!



Call 442-3800 for more details!

A beautiful way to while away an evening with good music and good food!


6468 Lankford Highway
Nassawadox , VA  23413


Phone 1:  757-442-3800  

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Edwards' Seafood   --   Onley
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Specializing in Seafood

Oysters  -  Crabs  -  Shrimp  -  Fish  -  Clams  -  Scallops

PO Box 464, 26177 Lankford Highway
Onley , VA  23418

Phone 1:  757-787-2224  

Phone 2:  757-787-1436  

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Gary Howard Seafood   --   Chincoteague Island
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Ask around.....The best in town!

Here at Gary Howard Seafood we try hard to please the customers, and supply the best quality seafood available. We are currently closed on Tuesdays.
Fresh Ocean White Jumbo and Medium Shrimp: Our shrimp come from North Carolina waters and are shipped fresh daily.
Fresh Fish: Our selection of finfish varies with availability. Only fresh caught fish are used.
Ocean Sea Scallops: Our scallops are one of a kind. They are sweet and completely chemical free.
Hand Picked Jumbo Lump and Backfin Crabmeat: Our crabmeat is local with hardly a shell to be found.
Famous Chincoteague Oysters: Our oyster are fresh, local, salty Chinocteague oysters, every oyster-lover's dream.
Tom's Cove Clams: These are sweet, salty, and hand dug so there is no sand inside. Neck clams (steamers),. Cherries, Chowders.
Crabs: Hardcrabs: Our #1 males are 5" – up and female crabs. We will be happy to assist you in making any choices. Cooked or cook your own Orders are since we are limited on our catch.
Softcrabs: Since we have our own shedding tanks. We sell them by the dozen or individually.
We pack for travel!!!! Just bring your cooler and we do the rest. See what's fresh this week!!!! Please call or email for current prices and any other questions you may have!

5315 Deep Hole Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-336-5178  

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H.M. Terry Co., Inc.   --   Willis Wharf
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Seaside Oysters & Clams - Sewansecott Brand

Although our family-run, hands-on approach to growing shellfish ensures a consistently fresh product for our customers, it’s our location itself that accounts for that salty, sweet flavor you get with every Sewansecott™ oyster or clam. In short, Hog Island Bay on the seaside of the Eastern Shore of Virginia is truly the perfect environment for growing the best tasting shellfish. Located within the 80-mile chain of undeveloped barrier islands along Virginia’s Atlantic coast, Hog Island Bay has been designated as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve. With a six and a half foot tidal flow that ebbs and floods twice daily, the waters of Hog Island Bay truly are “ocean filtered”, and our shellfish grow fat and healthy in these unique, unspoiled waters. What’s more, because our seaside waters are free from the pollution and chemical runoff that plague so many other water systems, we are not subject to the same harvesting restrictions and water closures that other rivers and bays face. This means that as long as our boats can leave the dock, our customers know their orders for our Sewansecott™ fresh shellfish will be filled!

5039 Willis Wharf Road
Willis Wharf , VA  23486


Phone 1:  757-442-7006   (Office / Retail)

Phone 2:  757-442-7777   (Wholesale)

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Little Bay Seafood Market Seafood City   --   Chincoteague Island
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Oysters come in fresh daily from private grounds. Rated #1 blue crabs on Chincoteague Island. Clams come in fresh daily from private grounds.

4522 Chicken City Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336

Phone 1:  757-336-1916  

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Metompkin Seafood   --   Mappsville
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Fresh seafood daily

Great sandwiches and seafood platter.

Choice for our menu for Take-out or buy to fix it yourself.

Seafood packed for traveling.


Tuesday - Saturday

9 am - 6 pm

14209 Lankford Highway
Mappsville , VA  23407


Phone 1:  757-824-0503  

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Nottingham Seafood & Produce   --   Cheriton
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A variety of seafood and local produce

Nottingham Seafood & Produce is located next to the Shell Gas Station on Rt 13 in Cheriton.


Clams * Oysters * Shrimp

Scallops * Fish * Crab Legs



Crabs (Hard & Soft) 


Crabmeats * Lobster Tails


Fruits & Veggies * Bait * Ice

(Bag or fill Cooler)


Blue Crab Bay Products * Candles

 Gifts * Coolers

Burt’s Bees Products 

 Seasoning’s & Sauces 

Suntan Oils & Beach Toys

Wine Glasses * Drinks 


T-Shirts * Hats * VA Tech Gear

  Gift certificates


Waterman’s Gear 

Boots * Gloves * Oil Skins

20220 Lankford Highway
Cheriton , VA  23316


Phone 1:  757-678-5484  

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R&C Seafood   --   Oyster
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We are located in Oyster on the road to the boat ramp!

6396 Cliff's Road
Oyster , VA  23310

Phone 1:  757-331-4484  

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Rail-N-Sail Seafood   --   Parksley
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A Seafood Grocer and Take Out Spot

We are located are in Historic Downtown Parksley, VA.

We fish, we crab, we provide only the freshest seafood possible at an affordable price. Great crab soup and clam chowder too!

18487 Dunne Avenue
Parksley , Virginia  23421


Phone 1:  757-665-7200  

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Ray's Shanty   --   Wattsville
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The Best Shrimp on the Shore Since 1986!

Captain Ray Twiford, a lifelong waterman, was the first person on the shore to sell fresh shrimp and local seafood at his roadside stands back in 1981 where his catch phrase was "Get Fresh With Me, You'll Love it!".

He and his wife Laura then opened Ray's Shanty Restaurant in 1986 where they quickly became famous for the best shrimp and seafood around.

Serving fresh local Eastern Shore seafood for lunch and dinner 

  • Steamed, Broiled or Fried Shrimp fresh from North Carolina
  • Chincoteague Clams and Oysters (some from Ray's own oyster beds)
  • Locally caught (some by Ray himself) in season fish such as Drum, Flounder, Tuna, Mako shark, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo
  • Homemade Crab Cakes and Crab Dip
  • Local Soft Crabs and Scallops
  • Lobster
  • Shrimp Salad, Homemade Clam Chowder and Cream of Neptune Soup
  • Platters Served with our Famous Hushpuppies, Homemade coleslaw and fresh cut boardwalk style fries
  • Also serving hand cut Prime Rib, hand breaded Chicken, Angus burgers, Hot Dogs and North Carolina Style Barbecue for those looking for something other than Seafood
  • Handcut Blooming Onions, Appetizers, Sandwiches and Sides
  • Daily lunch specials until 2
  • Carry outs available
  • Fresh Seafood Market on Premises

"If You Don't Eat Here, You're Missing a Shore Thing!"

32157 Chincoteague Road (Rt 175 E)
Wattsville , VA  23483


Phone 1:  757-824-3429  

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Ricky's Seafood & Produce   --   Chincoteague Island
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Monday - Wednesday
Friday - Saturday
10 AM - 5 PM


Ricky's Seafood and Produce Market is your one stop shop for fresh, local seafood and produce.  We've been selling local seafood and produce in Chincoteague since 1991.  Over the years we've built a reputation in Chincoteague for the best local seafood and produce, as well as friendly service.

At Ricky's Seafood and Produce Market you'll find everything you need for your family vacation seafood feast.  Let us take care of your seafood, so your family can focus on making memories.

Our seafood selection includes blue crabs, clams, shrimp, lobsters, scallops, snow crab legs, fish, crab meat, crab cakes, and of course world famous Chincoteague clams and oysters.  We'll also steam and season your seafood for you and have it ready for you to pick up.

Our produce selection includes tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, peaches, corn, lemons, limes, peanuts, desserts, canned pickles, relish, jellies, and much more. We also sell gifts and souvenirs.

7432 Beebe Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-336-6867  

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Seaside Lobsters   --   Atlantic
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Lobsters fresh off the boat!

Unbelievable prices. Wholesale and retail.

32120 Nocks Landing Road
Atlantic , VA  23303


Phone 1:  757-854-1955  

Phone 2:  757-665-1463   (Fax)

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Shore Seafood   --   Saxis
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PO Box 10, 19424 Saxis Road
Saxis , VA  23427


Phone 1:  757-824-5517   (Ext 11)

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Susan's Seafood   --   New Church
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PO Box 232, 4222 Lankford Highway
New Church , VA  23415

Phone 1:  757-824-5545  

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Tom's Cove Aquafarms   --   Chincoteague Island
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The finest and freshest shellfish

TOM’S COVE AQUAFARMS is proud to offer the finest and freshest shellfish harvested from the cool, clear waters found around the historic seafood town of Chincoteague Island, Virginia. Our farm raised clams and cultured salt oysters are grown in the waters adjacent to beautiful Assateague Island National Seashore, home of the world famous Chincoteague wild ponies.

Chincoteague Island, located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, has a long storied history linked to fishing, seafood and shellfish. For over 150 years, the cool ocean fed waters surrounding this enchanting island have yielded some of the finest shellfish found along the East Coast of the United States. So strong was the demand for island seafood by northern markets, that during the Civil War, Chincoteague unanimously voted to stay with the Union.

7466 Lighthouse Lane
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-336-1945  

Phone 2:  757-336-1371   (Fax)

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