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Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS)    --   Wallops Island
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You no longer have to travel far to experience the thrill of seeing rockets soar through the heavens.

Launch Information

Check website for next launch

But remember launches are always subject to change depending on weather or last minute technical challenges. Please be sure to check the web site or telephone 757-824-2050 for up-to-the-minute scheduled launch information. Mission and payload information may also be found on the website.

Viewing Launches

To best view our launches we recommend visiting the NASA Wallops Visitors Center on Route 175 off U.S. Route 13 in Virginia or the Assateague Island National Seashore. Additionally, from anywhere along the Delmarva Peninsula - (ocean side), a good view is offered looking southward along the MARS launch trajectory. We recommend to the viewer that you bring the following: sunscreen, sun glasses, bug repellent, a good book, a beach chair or blanket and a mobile phone with which to check the launch schedule (757-824-2050) periodically - there may be delays.

Group Tours and Security

Our partner, NASA Wallops Flight Facility welcomes tour groups, especially student groups. Please contact the Visitor Center at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. Group tours are scheduled based on availability. Currently, visitors are not allowed unescorted on the Main Base or the Island where the launch pads are located. Groups interested in scheduled tours may contact the Public Affairs Office. For additional information on education programs offered by NASA Wallops please check the NASA Wallops web site.


Group Tours Contact:   Phone: (757) 824-2298

Advance planning is required.


Contact Info:        


Wallops Island Flight Facility
Wallops Island , VA  23337

Phone 1:  757-440-4020  

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NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center   --   Wallops Island
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Right around the corner, but out of this world!

Near Chincoteague Island discover what has been going on since 1945 at one of the oldest launch sites in the world. No spacecraft needed to have an asronauts-eye-view of the planets and moons at the new Science On a Sphere Theatre. A six-foot-diameter globe provides stunning visual effects from real scientific data. The animated sphere seems to float in space - just as an astronaut would see the Earth!

May 26-Memorial Day: CLOSED
June 5 - 30: Tuesday - Saturday 10 to 4
July 1 - August 31: Daily 10 to 4
September 1 - June 30: Tuesday - Saturday 10 to 4

Wallops Information Line: 757.824.2050

Radio: NASA 760 AM (range 5-10 miles from Visitor Center)

What's Up Wallops App: 

Wallops Website:

Wallops Launches:

Web Cast:



You Tube:


Goddard Space Flight Center, Wallops Flight Facility, Building J-17
Wallops Island , VA  23337


Phone 1:  757-824-1344   (Receptionist)

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Virginia Space Flight Academy   --   Wallops Island
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Co-Ed Summer Residence Camps

If you are 11-15 years old, interested in spaceships, aerodynamics, microgravity, robotics, rocket assembly and launching, and weather, then Space Flight Adventure Camp is the place to be this summer!

All programs are a mixture of excitement and fun, with hands-on experiences. Come and meet new friends and enjoy the adventure of learning about space.

Established in 1998, Space Flight Adventure Camps are held near the Wallops Flight Facility, an operational NASA installation located on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and adjacent to Chincoteague Island, a picturesque family vacation destination.

Six co-ed residential camps will be held July through August, for ages 11 to 15. 

33531 Chincoteague Road
Wallops Island , VA  23337


Phone 1:  757-824-3800  

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