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Where to Eat

NOTE: Some restaurants have reduced winter hours. Please call and check prior.

Cape Charles Farmers Market   --   Cape Charles
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Grown, Harvested, or Made within 50 miles!

Cape Charles

Farmers Market

 Cape Charles Museum
814 Randolph Avenue
Cape Charles, VA 23310

The market will be open every Tuesday May 2 - October 31  from 3:00 – 6:00 PM and will offer various locally-grown produce as well as products made by local bakers, cooks, artisans, and others.

If you buy it at the Cape Charles Farmers’ Market, you can be assured it was grown, harvested, or made within 50 miles

814 Randolph Avenue (Cape Charles Museum)
Cape Charles , VA  23310


Phone 1:  757-331-1008  

Phone 2:  757-607-6483  

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Chincoteague Island Farmers and Artisans Market   --   Chincoteague Island
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Great things from farm, field, bay and crafts!

Chincoteague Island
Farmers and Artisans


Free parking • Free Admission

Food Court • Live Music
 Rain or Shine


Saturdays, April 21 - October 27

Friday, October 26

Wednesdays, May 30 - August 29


9 AM - 1 PM


Bringing You Great Things
from Farm, Field and Bay!

Look for fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, eggs,
baked goods, jams, 
plants and flowers plus arts and crafts -
all from local producers


Second Saturday Artful Flea

May - October
9 AM - 2 PM

Chincoteague Island Farmers and Artisans Market is sponsored by CCA, a local non-profit group of enthusiasts working to promote the arts on the island! Feeding the area of culinary arts, and craftsman CCA is helping this island have a thriving farmers market that brings local seafood, produce, plants, wares, and more to the community.

New vendors welcome


 Holly Day Market and
Wildlife Art Gallery

Saturday, November 24

9 AM - 3 PM


DECOYS and WILDLIFE ART in the Activities Center PLUS arts, crafts, jewelry, antiques, holiday decor and more,
inside and outside the CCA building.

AND the Final Farmers Market of the Season!

6309 Church Street
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  717-495-7155  

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Church Street Produce   --   Chincoteague Island
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Fresh As It Gets

"Fresh As It Gets" is the motto at Church Street Produce, a seasonal walk-in produce shop with a yummy twist located on Chincoteague Island. We sell fresh sweet corn, ripe tomatoes, juicy peaches, plums, lopes, melons, berries and more, along with fresh-clipped herbs and our own bag ice. Smells wafting from the kitchen might be signaling a tripleberry pie, rich brownie or cookie, or even a savory, cheesy tomato pie, a customer favorite! Mostly all made to order, no orders taken by voicemail or Facebook. Happy-to-see-you service and a fun, shabby chic atmosphere make Church Street Produce a place to pop into again and again.

6493 Church Street
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-990-0963  

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Copper Cricket Farm   --   Machipongo
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Biologically Managed, Sustainably Grown

End of Solitude Road at Wilsonia Neck Road

3:30 - 6:00 PM

The Copper Cricket Farm is a small diverse farm located in Machipongo, VA, offering a subscription service for vegetables from April until December each year. All vegetables are grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We care for our natural environment by letting the soil, plant and animal biology naturally care for our farm. We use minimal petrochemical inputs by farming intensively using hand labor for all planting and harvesting. Our vegetables are delivered the same day they are picked, ripe and fresh from the vine!

Our customers receive a crate of vegetables weekly. The crate contains an array of vegetables currently in season each week. Our crates contain only vegetables grown on our farm. Spring crates feature cool weather crops such as lettuces and greens including chards and kale, carrots, cabbages, celery, onions, peas, broccoli, and herbs. As the season progresses summer vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squashes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, snap beans, onions, and others fill the crates. As the days grow shorter and the soil cools, fall crates bring back cooler weather vegetables including greens and lettuces, carrots and green onions again, snap beans, as well as winter squashes and summer crops that produce well into the fall as Mother Nature permits. Vegetable crates are delivered weekly directly to our customers’ homes or offices, if within our range, or alternatively to a local central drop off point. We offer 3 crate sizes for weekly delivery. The large size is designed to feed 4 people. It is also appropriate for 2 people who like to eat a lot of vegetables or freeze and preserve them for the winter season. The large size is available for $30 per week. The medium size is designed for 2 people and is offered for $20 per week. The small size is new this year, designed for a single person living alone who cannot consume as much food. It is available for $15. All prices include Virginia State sales tax of 2.5% as well as delivery. The Copper Cricket Farm provides flexible payment options designed to help our customers manage their food budgets. Contact us for more info!

13586 Solitude Trail
Machipongo , VA  23405


Phone 1:  757-678-7736  

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Giving Tree Garden Market   --   New Church
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A "full circle" garden center providing a diverse selection of quality plants, gardening supplies, professional landscape services, with reliable, friendly customer service, and unparalleled environmental knowledge to the residents and visitors of the Eastern Shore.

Store hours: Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm, Sunday 9am - 5pm

33050 Chincoteague Road
New Church , VA  23415


Phone 1:  757-824-0003  

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La Caridad Farm   --   Parksley
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Locally produced meat and eggs

Raising heritage livestock breeds on pasture to provide your family with locally produced meat and eggs. 

We currently offer chicken and duck eggs, and whole and half-shares of pork and whole rabbit.

We're here to provide an alternative source of meat for our Eastern Shore community. If there's something specific you'd like to see, please let us know!

Heading west on Parksley Road, look for the green ranch house on the right.

25087 Parksley Road
Parksley , VA  23421


Phone 1:  757-710-7830  

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Onancock Farmers & Artisans Market   --   Onancock
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Farmers -- Watermen -- Artisans

At the corner of Market Street and Ames Street

Across from the Post Office
Downtown Onancock, Virginia


May 7 - May 21
September 10 - October 29

9 AM - Noon


May 28 - September 3

8 AM - Noon

Corner of Market & Ames Streets
Onancock , VA  23417


Phone 1:  757-710-2028  

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Perennial Roots Farm   --   Onancock
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Biodynamic Farm & Garden

The farm store is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and closed on Sundays. Call a half-hour before you arrive so that someone can meet you at the farm store. On Saturdays, the owners are at the Onancock farmers market in the center of town from 8 a.m. to noon. On Tuesdays, they’re at the Cape Charles farmers market from 4 to 7 p.m.

Heading north, turn right on Front Street (U.S. 13 Business) toward the town of Accomac, then right on Route 605, then left on Decormis Street, down the dirt road and park in front of the old white house on the left.

That’s the farm store, where you’ll find duck and chicken eggs, cuts of heirloom, pastured pork, bacon and sage sausage, heirloom lettuce mix and, starting in early July, assorted heirloom berries, produce and herbs, including varieties of heirloom tomatoes and cukes rarely grown in the region, and lamb in the fall. Or call ahead and order fresh rabbit. Owners Stewart Lundy and Natalie McGill practice a method of ultra-sustainable farming. It might not look pretty, but they farm with utmost respect for the Earth, with no chemicals, GMO feed or harmful anything.

Perennial Roots Farm is both a business and a home. We began as a homestead, concerned foremost with reducing waste and providing enough food for our own needs. Out of our surplus, we began to find outlets in local markets. A garden grew up into a farm.

Our goals and practices are a synthesis of biodynamic rhythms and principles of permanent agriculture. We’ve learned that the maximum amount of life combined with a maximum diversity of life is health. We use no synthetic chemicals because the one-sided attack of any part of an ecosystem makes that entire ecosystem unbalanced.

We are committed not merely to nominal “sustainable” practices, but to regenerative practices that increase fertility with every season. We use intensive multi-species rotational grazing which keeps our animals healthier and nurtures our soil. We use cover crops to enliven the soil, build carbon, and provide habitat for beneficial insects. We compost as much as we can.

In keeping with this impulse towards long-term fertility, we raise heritage animals on our farm specifically selected for their good foraging traits. Our goal is to feed as little grain as possible to all our animals and continue to develop a perennial grass-based diet. Even the weeds are all an integral part of this process of healing the Earth.

We grow exclusively non-GMO open pollinated heirloom plants. We grow varieties of tomatoes, lettuce, greens, fruit trees, berries, and more. We raise heritage breed pigs, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and turkeys. Most of our vegetables and animals that we raise are listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste for their unique history and superior flavor. American Mulefoot hogs, Beaver Dam peppers, Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries and the American Silver Fox Rabbit are just a few of our Slow Food Ark of Taste products. Almost all of our animal breeds are listed on the Livestock Conservancy. We are an agri-artisan on the Virginia Eastern Shore Artisan Trail. We are a certified Bee Friendly Farm.

PO Box 538, Decormis Street
Onancock , VA  23301


Phone 1:  757-709-4375   (757)

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Picketts Harbor Farms   --   Cape Charles
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Fruits & Vegetables - Eastern Shore at Your Door!




Eastern Shore Farmstand!

3119 Pickett's Harbor Drive

Pickett’s Harbor Farms is a family-owned, family-run farm on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Some of our famous local produce includes:  peaches, asparagus, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and peppers.


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday through Saturday


6 miles north of the ESVA Tourism Commission
Welcome Center

Find us on Facebook 

3111 Pickett's Harbor Drive
Cape Charles , VA  23310


Phone 1:  757-331-2682  

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Ricky's Seafood & Produce   --   Chincoteague Island
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Monday - Wednesday
Friday - Saturday
10 AM - 5 PM


Ricky's Seafood and Produce Market is your one stop shop for fresh, local seafood and produce.  We've been selling local seafood and produce in Chincoteague since 1991.  Over the years we've built a reputation in Chincoteague for the best local seafood and produce, as well as friendly service.

At Ricky's Seafood and Produce Market you'll find everything you need for your family vacation seafood feast.  Let us take care of your seafood, so your family can focus on making memories.

Our seafood selection includes blue crabs, clams, shrimp, lobsters, scallops, snow crab legs, fish, crab meat, crab cakes, and of course world famous Chincoteague clams and oysters.  We'll also steam and season your seafood for you and have it ready for you to pick up.

Our produce selection includes tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, peaches, corn, lemons, limes, peanuts, desserts, canned pickles, relish, jellies, and much more. We also sell gifts and souvenirs.

7432 Beebe Road
Chincoteague Island , VA  23336


Phone 1:  757-336-6867  

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Taste of Eden Produce   --   Parksley
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A Local Produce Market

A local produce market, located in the heart of beautiful downtown Parksley, Va. We stock local and non local produce, jams, jellies, breads and more...


Tuesday - Saturday
10 AM - 5 PM

When the big grocery store closed in the tiny railroad town of Parksley, the butcher opened a farmers market in the town pavilion. Farmers bring local and non-local produce, jams, jellies and other goods to market.

Town Pavilion, 18490 Dunne Avenue
Parksley , VA  23421


Phone 1:  757-894-3268  

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