Eastern Shore of Virginia
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Use of the Eastern Shore of Virginia logo and tagline “You’ll love our nature,” are offered AT NO CHARGE to Eastern Shore businesses and organizations.  The logo and tagline are trademarks owned by Eastern Shore Tourism Commission.  Users of the logo/tagline are urged to complete and return the Eastern Shore Brand Partner Agreement to the Eastern Shore Tourism Commission in a timely manner. 

The logo art comprises two style versions: the Logo and Tagline “You’ll Love Our Nature” combination and the stand alone Logo Graphic or “S” symbol.  Both are available in a grayscale version (for black and white ink applications) and a color version (for 3-color spot, 4-color process, or full-color applications).  Stand alone Tagline art is available upon request from the Eastern Shore Tourism Commission.

To help overcome the Eastern Shore’s biggest challenges, travelers and consumers not knowing anything about our region, we strongly encourage utilizing the Logo and Tagline combination whenever possible.

Screen media uses PNG or JPG format; print media uses EPS format.  PNG and JPG files will work with most Microsoft programs.  EPS files require Adobe Illustrator or a professional graphic program.

Each thumbnail is linked to a full-size image file.  Please follow directions to download correctly.

Learn how the Eastern Shore Brand can benefit YOUR BUSINESS.




Why should you use the Eastern Shore logo and tagline on your website, email, product stickers, and printed materials?

By establishing a recognizable Eastern Shore Brand – a positive identity for our region – we provide our local businesses with a powerful marketing tool. Not only can the brand build a successful tourism market here but it can also help sell a vast variety of Eastern Shore products from clams to coffee, potatoes to pottery.

Each time the logo and tagline is used it helps bring us one step closer to the time when the Eastern Shore is instantly known as the place to visit and consumers consistently bypass the competition to buy the Eastern Shore product.  

As an Eastern Shore Brand supporter you can take advantage of special spotlighted brochure placements in the brand new Eastern Shore Southern Gateway Welcome Center to be completed in 2009 and increased visibility on the new 2009 Eastern Shore Tourism Website.**

**Utilizing the brand logo will be required on printed materials such as rack cards along with website and online communications to take advantage of these and other free benefits. So start utilizing the logo now!

Thanks for joining the team and promoting the Eastern Shore!